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May 28 - June 1

May 28 - June 1

A community-oriented week of service in solidarity with anti-MTR (mountaintop removal coal mining) efforts. We are working together as a community to promote the change needed for a better world.

If you are in a service/activist organization, please consider attending as a representative and as a student of life. Tabling will be made available for those interested, at the Friday event at 29 Carpenter St. I hope to see a lot of communication between us all.

Full Schedule (ever updating):

-Running event currently posted for Friday below-


—-Noon, Peace Vigil in solidarity with Appalachians protesting in Charleston, WV:

 At the Athens, OH courthouse, corner of W. Washington and Court, next to the protesters there every Monday. Make your own sign to bring, about this issue or one that you compassionately care about.                       Link to Charleston rally—->

    Tuesday (Workshop Day)

—-12pm, Meditation and Community, with Dan Contanenza:

Join Dan as he guides us through a meditation and facilitates the conversation, what does community mean? What does family mean? The questions often overlooked as already answered. At the garden by the greenhouse. See the link for directions —->,+Athens,+OH&daddr=Unknown+road&hl=en&sll=39.325384,-82.099983&sspn=0.005693,0.011362&geocode=FRojWAId2jwb-yldW9yYvHNIiDGBzNMGK4yfPQ%3BFYQLWAIdl0Ub-w&mra=ls&t=m&z=16


—-7:30pm, Dance Workshop, with Ellie Andrews:

 Join Ellie on the College Green at OU as she teaches us how do to the ‘solidarity choir’, a very visually beautiful collective dance. Visit google maps or call for directions.


—-3:00pm, Invasive species pull and plant planting, with Lawrence Greene:
Join Lawrence as he takes us to the bike path by the Athens Public Library. We’ll get to remove invasive species, such as garlic mustard, and get our hands dirty installing beneficial plants, as well as make good conversation!

—-5:00pm, Activism Talk, with Brandon LaBonte’:
Join Brandon as we discuss the purpose of activism, why it’s important and what good it can do for a community. On the College Green. Visit google maps or call for directions.


—-4:00pm, Town hike, with Lawrence Greene:
Join Lawrence as he takes us on a stroll (from the ginkgo tree by Casa Nueva, down Court St. to Fern, past the Athens Book Center, and around to College St by the parking garage) to show us all of the useful plants that grow naturally, even in the middle of town.


—-10:30am, Running the Lakeview Trail:

Join Anna Moore, member of the OU Running Club, at the beach at Strouds Run. She’ll be facilitating a run along the ‘lakeview trail’. Use this link to view a map of the area:

—-5:00-10:00pm, Art Music Activism, a show:
 Join the band Brujo, Davy Rhodes, poet Abel Araya, other performing bodies and community members at Central Venue (29 Carpenter St) as we gather around the arts , to humor the notion of food and conversation in an environment of community.

Link to the facebook event—>

For any reason deemed necessary, please feel free to contact Brandon LaBonte by email or phone:    740-331-1377